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Start sending money from your Sendola Account

Sendola gives you a better experience in the United States

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Empower your money with your Sendola account + Visa debit card.

A Personal Checking and savings Account + Debit Card adapted for your life in the US.

Your best ally in the United States.

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With our service, you can effortlessly send money abroad anytime from the United States.

Why send money with Sendola?


Competitive rates and zero commissions.


Assistance in your language

(Spanish / English)


Extra benefits with direct deposit.

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Maximize your benefits with direct deposit.

Get better money transfer rates.

Acquire a phone in installments that you can take with you to your country.

Protect yourself and your family with our repatriation services.

Get to know your new card


Debit card at no additional cost to access your cash.

Pay with your card online or at physical stores.

ATM network at no cost*

*Applicable only to ATMs within the associated network.

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More Benefits

At Sendola, we strive every day to bring you what you need the most.

"Exclusive benefits when you have direct deposit of your paycheck into your Sendola account equal to or greater than $1,500 USD/month."

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Customer Service

 +1 (832)-730-2683

Sendola Card Program

Global Payments Disclosures:

Sendola Corp is a financial technology company and not an NCUA-insured credit union. Checking and Savings accounts and the Sendola Visa Debit Card are provided by USI Federal Credit Union. Your savings are federally insured up to $250,000 and backed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) in the case of  failure of the credit union.

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