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Send Money Abroad
Business +

Built to serve your business

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Welcome to Sendola

This is Sendola

For Personal +


Your one-stop-shop for financial services, global payments,
and affinities all on one Sendola platform

Sendola One

Personal Checking Account

+ Debit Card

A Personal Checking Account + Debit Card adapted for your life in the US.

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Global Payments

Send Money Abroad

Finally! A Global Payments Platform that doesn’t believe in outrageous fees and directly tied to your checking account.

Personal+ Section

For Personal & Business

One Platform for your Global Payments



Send Money to your loved ones

Send money to your loved ones in other countries directly debited from your SendolaOne Account.

Competitive Pricing

A financial service built differently to ensure the cheapest fees & rates available.

B2B Payments to the World

Pay your partners and vendors around the globe, easily, quickly, and cheaply.

Bet on a network that built to provide the best pricing possible.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our Bilingual User Success team is trained for every problem, available to you 7 days a week, and reachable via phone or WhatsApp.

Dedicated Client Success Team

You are not just a user of our platform, but a client who deserves the personal touch of a client success team personally assigned to your company.

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Market Beating Pricing

A Platform for Life

A platform built for your life. Your career. Your financial needs. All accessible from one place.

Consumable API Services

A consumable API hub that enables your company to provide P2P and B2B payments through the Sendola Network.

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Unwavering Security Standards

A global network built on Financial Partners with the higher security standards possible.

Business+ Section

For Business +


Your one-stop-shop to provide financial services to your Employees, send low-cost B2B global payments, and retain our Direct Hire service

Sendola One Pro

B2B Payments

Sendola API Hub

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Personal Checking Account

+ Debit Card For your employees

A Personal Checking Account + Debit Card adapted for your life in the US.

Send Money Abroad

Are you in need of sending payments to Partners or Vendors in Mexico? Tired of spending outrageous fees? Send your Global Payments with Sendola.

A Consumable API hub

for Global Payments

Sendola’s mission requires us to build networks for everyone. Not keep it for ourselves. Consume the Sendola API hub to enable your company to send global payments today.


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 +1 (832)-730-2683

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