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Update your SendolaOne Account!
Just one step
Your current account
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Your new account with more benefits

Sendola is growing to give you more and better services

Your checking account and debit card will now be backed by USI - Federal Credit Union.

Now you will also have a savings account that will allow you to keep your money protected.

  • Furthermore, you can earn a few extra dollars by saving every fortnight.

Our fee-free ATM network is now larger.

Use your card in Mexico, Guatemala or at any location that accepts VISA

You will receive your new debit card

Now the benefits and take your experience to the next level.

Unified platform with new services

"Including money transfers and more, to simplify your financial experience."


Direct payroll deposit into your account

Receive your paycheck easily and directly deposited into your bank account.

building-bank (1).png

New bank account

Checking and Saving Accounts

Get the phone of your dreams"

Installments  program. An exclusive benefit when you have direct deposit of your payroll in your Sendola account equal to or greater than $1,500 USD per month.

If you created your Sendola account, your information and balance will be transferred to your new account

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